Pricing Guide

These prices serve as guidelines to derive general budgetary numbers for the bidding and design process. These numbers are subject to variation based on decorative painters region and business model. Concrete numbers are acquired on a per-project basis from the bidding parties. We are providing these average numbers based on results from job tracking details. Every job is unique and should be bid accordingly. These figures include average material costs within the figures.

Pricing per square foot approximations


Doing the math for Paint, Glazes, & Textures

The largest variable in paint, glazes, and textures is the amount of layers to the treatment. The average coverage rates for painting by an individual decorative painter to do a single pass in a single day are: painting 1200 – 2250 sq. ft, glazing 600 – 1400 sq. ft, and textures 400 – 750 sq. ft. These figures, multiplied by the numbers of passes and applied to a daily wage, will give you a good idea of an estimated cost for a project. Average labor rates for your region can be acquired by contacting PDPA directly. Lastly, exact materials, company overheads and their desired profit margins contribute to final costs.

Doing the math for Mimicry, Ornamentation & Murals

Here too, the layers/pricing theory comes into play although there is an added factor related to the degree of refinement desired. The way to gather a keen understanding of time in relation to detail is by engaging in the making of a control sample. During this engagement a request for the time accrued from start to finish will give a benchmark for the time needed for the execution of the full project.

Control Samples

Control samples are useful in two ways; the first is as a selling tool and the second as a formulaic approach to producing or reproducing a treatment accurately. Control samples are sometimes available for treatments that have been previously designed and produced for $50 each or they can be put on loan to the design professional at no cost, conditional to their return. Newly designed decorative painting control samples produced in a manner that is indicative of easy reproduction requires time and pricing for these can range from $50- $1000 depending on the intricacy of the design. Sizes can affect price as well. Where most samples are 17”x 20”, requests can be made for large wall-size samples and this can increase the understanding of the final effect and the cost as well .

Pricing adjusted

Design Fees

Additional Decorative Painting Design consulting needed in the development stages of a project: approximately $110 per hour and an hours estimate should be provided by the consultant.

Travel charges

Initial project reviews and office visits are billed at no charge if within 30 miles of the central metro area. Additional meetings and projects outside that radius will be billed at average $.70 per mile to cover fuel costs and travel time. Out of state or country: travel and lodging expenses are billed according to each individual situation in addition to a approximate $35 per diem charge for food and miscellaneous expenses.