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To elevate

The Professional Decorative Painters Association is dedicated to elevating the decorative painting and plastering industry through Educational, Ethics, Technology, & Community Initiatives.

By providing knowledge

The Professional Decorative Painters Association provides knowledge that fosters growth and professionalism within our trade.


Letter from the President

The professional practice of decorative painting in architecture, evidenced throughout human history, was first recorded by Pliny the Elder in the first century and now holds the hope and potential to provide an alternative to the starving artist lifestyle for our youth. Decorative painting as a trade is one of the longest standing commercially viable creative career paths. Popularized by painters such as Raphael in the High Renaissance, professional decorative painting is a craft and not fine art as we know it to be defined today.

The PDPA defends decorative painting as a discipline. We know it exists in the realm of mimicry of organic and inorganic elements, landscape, figure painting and ornamentation. We know it can be innovative and contemporary. We know decorative painters work directly with clients and design professionals to balance the aesthetics of architecture during the building process. We know it is not talent but hard work and practice of specific skills and trade secrets that comprise our craft. We know decorative painting can be taught. We know that beyond skill, knowledge and proof of work is what qualifies the level of practice. We know that proficiency in business, color, visual textures, textures, ornamentation and mural painting are the subjects that we practice. We know that our practice is tied to the physical and behavioral sciences. We know that our relationship with design professionals and patrons are key to our success.

Though our initiatives are designed to help all, we are an exclusive organization that requires qualification for entry to membership. We then nurture the success of our members one step at a time. We market our members. We educate our members.

We respect the track of a decorative painter from novice to expert and encourage mentorship to those that truly desire to be great and elevate our industry through their own body of work as professional decorative painters. And mostly, we defend the effort of hard work and dedication of our members by choosing to take the side of professionalism and the pursuit of mastery over the semi professional and amateur hobbyist.

We believe in this industry. We fight for this industry. We give our personal resources to this industry. Why? Because, in practice, decorative painting pursues beauty and in that pursuit is truth and guidance to discover integrity and honor.

Action follows belief.






Francisco André Martinez

President, Education Chair

Professional Decorative Painters Association


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