The PDPA understands that the growth to any industry comes through superior education and a commitment to elevating the level of practice at the individual and institution level. Today decorative painting is thriving on many levels. Patterns, textures and ornamentation are being applied to both traditional and contemporary homes and commercial architecture. Decorative art in painted form is the study of human history, sciences, art, design, business and more. If this excites you, we want to nurture your excitement and help you share it with others. The PDPA consults with educators and institutions to assist them in integrating, building and maintaining decorative painting education. Please contact Wendy Grosenbach at: 303-995-0426

List of Teacher and institution Resources 

  • Decorative Painting degree program
  • Class Syllabus
  • Teacher training
  • Speakers and lectures about Decorative Painting
  • Examples of Decorative Painting
  • Decorative Painting Exhibit
  • Textbooks
  • Worksheets

Popular classes & Lectures

  • Geometry in Mural Painting
  • Geology in Art
  • Behavioral Psychology in Decorative Painting
  • Surfaces and Patterns
  • Business for Creative Careers
  • Decorative Painting in History
  • Fresco Painting
  • Mimicry and Metaphor in Decorative Art
  • Visual Literacy